Cat Lily Print

Cat Lily Print

Another vibrant coloration~ and with 10 various options to choose from again!

Options are:
Snow White—the pure soft white kitty
Rainbow Bright—with showing of her reflective colors
Blondie—the softest of yellow
Foxy Kitty—need I say more?
Calico—the elegant multifaceted cat
Blue Persian—the soft black with blue
Midnight Sun—Black can show off their colours too
Prism Tux— Midnight Sun coming in style
Tuxedo Cat—the extra fancy black cat
Ebony—black as night

This print is printed on photo paper is also available in 3 sizes:

Large: 11”x17” inches
Medium: 8.5”x11” inches
Small: 4”x6” inches

What this with a different colour bg or cat? Feel free to contact me for details!