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Durarara!! Inspired Prints

Durarara!! Inspired Prints

The infamous trio from the depths of Ikebukuro: The Headless Rider, The Strongest Man, and The Meddling Info Broker. 

My favorite characters from the series that I can never get enough of!

These are currently availabe in various sizes and even a holographic print (supplies limited).


Holographic: 11"x17" inches

Large: 11"x17" inches

Medium: 8.5"x11" inches

Small: 4"x6" inches


Note: I have some other sizes of Izaya still availabe when I was getting my works done from a different shop. Those sizes are listed as my "OFF Large [10.5"x16" inches]" and "OFF Medium [7"x10.75"]" and discounted prices.

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